Join in the fun! ;National Twilight Night is having a auction this weekend :)

If you have never heard of National Twilight Night aka NTN ,don’t fret .Basically it is a page that keeps the sparkle from The Twilight Saga alive ! just because there isn’t any more movies coming out does not mean the fandom has been abandoned .No in fact this page keeps the love of Twilight ongoing,which is pretty awesome 🙂

If you love Twilight then definitely check out , and give their page like on Facebook.

It can be found at the  link below:

Now on to the auction;They are having an awesome auction going on this weekend. The auction will start at 11:00 PM ET Friday January 30th until midnight Sunday February 1st. Pictures of the bundle sets will be posted at 11:00 PM Friday, so be sure to join the event to see what NTN is offering.

You can join in the fun by RSVP now at the link below:

Once pictures are posted, bids can begin. Participants may place their bids by commenting under the item’s photo.

Once bids are won, NTN will issue invoices to winners through PayPal. All invoices must be paid immediately.

Good luck to those who bid!!!!

For questions, please contact National Twilight Night

I hope you join ,and in turn bid to win some amazing Twilight  stuff! 🙂



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