National Twilight Night is having a raffle/event !!

My favorite Twilight group is having a raffle event coming up in August !

Please check out their blog here on WordPress at the following link> National Twilight Night

Full Details :

National Twilight Night, Inc. is selling professionally printed tickets for their 10th Twilight anniversary (online) event. The keepsake anniversary ticket grants the attendee event access, raffle entry as well as a special NTN, Inc. gift.  As tickets are purchased, they will be mailed out at no charge to the recipient.

The cost of the event /raffle tickets are $10 (or 3 for $25).  To purchase tickets, contact NTN, Inc. through the NTN Facebook page or at

For the first twenty (20) Twilighters to purchase an event ticket will receive a special incentive! To show our appreciation for your support you will receive a Twilight 10th anniversary tote bag.

The special NTN bag is a neutral 100% natural cotton tote bag with the Twilight book cover picture, the title and date of the NTN event and the most famous Edward Cullen quote of the Twilight book, – “And so the lion fell in love with the lamb.”

Twilight Anniv Tote Bag


Join in the fun! ;National Twilight Night is having a auction this weekend :)

If you have never heard of National Twilight Night aka NTN ,don’t fret .Basically it is a page that keeps the sparkle from The Twilight Saga alive ! just because there isn’t any more movies coming out does not mean the fandom has been abandoned .No in fact this page keeps the love of Twilight ongoing,which is pretty awesome 🙂

If you love Twilight then definitely check out , and give their page like on Facebook.

It can be found at the  link below:

Now on to the auction;They are having an awesome auction going on this weekend. The auction will start at 11:00 PM ET Friday January 30th until midnight Sunday February 1st. Pictures of the bundle sets will be posted at 11:00 PM Friday, so be sure to join the event to see what NTN is offering.

You can join in the fun by RSVP now at the link below:

Once pictures are posted, bids can begin. Participants may place their bids by commenting under the item’s photo.

Once bids are won, NTN will issue invoices to winners through PayPal. All invoices must be paid immediately.

Good luck to those who bid!!!!

For questions, please contact National Twilight Night

I hope you join ,and in turn bid to win some amazing Twilight  stuff! 🙂


My Wizard World Comic Con experience:

I had the pleasure of going to Wizard World Comic Con this past weekend,and it was one of the most amazing days I have had in a while. Guys I got to meet John Barrowman!!!  yes you heard that right Captain Jack himself from ( Doctor Who) I was internally fangirling on the inside, and was super nervous to meet him I kept pretty calm on the outside,but my heart was beating fast and I was excited. I got his autograph, and when it was my turn to get my pic signed all I could say was I’m a hug fan ;to which he said nah really ?? and I was like yes really ! and he made me laugh lol I didn’t want to say I love you because I thought it sounded to creeper like ,but anyways at least he  acknowledged me  for a couple of seconds 🙂 if that wasn’t awesome enough I found the amazing cosplayer Ivy Doomkitty dressed as Velma from Scooby Doo. I got to talk with her ,she was very sweet.Back to John Barrowman for a second ,sorry I just can’t stop talking about him right now.  His panel was super funny and he was awesome. I loved hearing stories from when he was with David on Doctor Who and he told us stories from his show he is on now ,Arrow.He told us that he loved Supernatural and that he wanted to be on the 200th episode which is going to be musical themed ep .I love Supernatural ,and him being on there would be great .

I will never forget meeting John 🙂 it will be one of those memories I carry with me forever .