Music Mondays- Week 3!

Hello again. Here is week 3 of Music Mondays. This week will be some songs that I have been into for a while now.

In no particular order…










My favorite videos from Youtube: Fitzsimmons



I can’t say enough about how much I ship Fitzsimmons from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I have shipped them since day 1!

Also major spoilers ahead, so if you have not watched the newest episode of AOS episode 15 of season 4 do not watch!



Shout out to Miriam M.B. once again for gracing us with another beautiful video!

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My favorite Ship videos from Youtube: {Jace and Clary}



As you know Clace is one of my very favorite ships ever ! so I had to share a new video I just recently found that I like. Be warned this video shows some things about the last episode of Shadowhunters, so if you have not read the Mortal Instruments book series or seen all of season 1 of Shadowhunters don’t watch this. Major spoilers … Also, I love the song choice because the song used is from Breaking Dawn part 1 and brings back all my Twilight feels!

Credit: Marvel Nephilim’s Youtube channel

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comment down below some of your favorite ships from books,TV, or movies ?

*Photo Credit: Entertainment Weekly

My favorite ship videos from Youtube! {Malec} Alec and Magnus

First off SPOILERS major spoilers if you are not caught up with episode 12 of Shadowhunters. Do not watch the video if you have not seen this episode.





Let me just say that I am still not over episode 12 entitled Malec. I don’t know about you but I literally screamed with joy at this scene! I love the video below,and of course War of Hearts by Ruelle helped make this scene so amazing. Check out the video below.

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