Updated my Reylo Trash playlist! over 13+hours of music


So as you know I am pure Reylo trash. I have been updating my playlist on Spotify since I created it in January and now it’s up to 14 hours and 21 minutes. I always update so if you want to come to follow my playlist over at Spotify ūüôā


I hope you enjoy Reylo peeps!


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My Reylo (Kylo Ren & Rey) trash playlist-

I am hardcore Reylo trash. I have shipped them since 2015 and ever since the beauty that is The Last Jedi came out I started putting a playlist together on Spotify. Right now its a 7 hours and 30 minutes, I know I know its long but I have really enjoyed putting it together. I update often. Anyways, if you’re into Kylo & Rey you can listen to my playlist below.




Music Mondays- Week 1

I decided that since I listen to a lot of music constantly, I should do a weekly series with songs I am in love with currently or just love in general. I will try and keep up with this for as long as I can. I might take a break for two weeks because of the Spring semester coming to a close, but I thought it would be cool to share some of the music I listen to. I always like hearing suggestions for new music to listen to, so if you have some suggestions please comment the artist/band or song down below!

-Thanks and have a lovely Monday evening.

In no particular order here is some music that I was listening to this past week.

Shadowhunters soundtrack playlist!

Listen to it here > Shadowhunters soundtrack Рmusic playlist.

Or here :





I made a playlist on Hypster.com with songs from Shadowhunters tv show on Freeform. Some of them I could not find but for the most part  I found most of them. Lots of Ruelle which I love because I am becoming a big fan of hers because of her songs used on the show. I also put the songs used in the promos as well. 

By the way let me just say that I am loving the show . I am a die hard fan of the books and I love it ! I know I know they made changes ,but they have done the characters very well and I can’t get enough of the show. Every week it gets better. I always wish that we had 3 hours each week because the hour goes by so fast.¬†

I love the music they use in the show so that’s why I thought I would make a playlist to listen to the songs used in the show, which coincidentally ¬†what I am currently listening to right now … props to the music people on the show they are killing it with the soundtrack!

*Updated Weekly with the new songs played. I try and find all of the songs played in each episode ,but sometimes they take a while to be posted or sometimes can’t be found so if there’s not a song on there that’s why.



*Picture is not mine, it belongs to Entertainment Weekly

My Mockingjay inspired playlist on Spotify !

I created this playlist a couple of years ago,since then I have updated it by adding songs that I feel go with the book.

You can check out the playlist here:

I have 52 songs on it. The entire thing lasts about an 3 hours and 42 minutes.

I love listening to it while re-reading Mockingjay.I think the songs I have chosen fit the essence of the book and the emotions felt while reading it.

I hope you enjoy it ! Also be sure and subscribe to my Spotify channel here: https://open.spotify.com/user/fangirlinfinity21

I also have a Insurgent inspired playlist up as well.