Some of my favorite Reylo (Rey & Kylo) videos, my hopes for Ep IX, and things I missed the first time viewing! (HUGE Spoilers!!)

Warning, I will talk about MAJOR plot points from the Last Jedi please do not read on if you intend to not be spoiled…

My hopes for Episode IX, thoughts on the Last Jedi Reylo moments, and somethings I noticed while watching the second time.

I’m such Reylo trash that it hurts. I already shipped Rey and Kylo Ren since The Force Awakens, I mean that interrogation scene you guys! so much tension. Anyways, since watching The Last Jedi for the second time. I have been hooked on this ship like an anchor in the freaking sea.

My hopes for Episode IX are that Ben Solo aka Kylo Ren gets redeemed. I mean I think if he doesn’t it would be a waste of the storyline. I do believe that since JJ Abrams is going to be the director of EP IX, and he is the one who started this ship that we can all be assured that a Ben redemption will happen. If not I will be sorely upset!

I also can’t help but think that since we lost our beloved Carrie Fisher, and how that specifically will be written into the storyline for EP IX. I mean in one way if they decide to use that in the next movie it could help lead Ben towards the light because as we saw in The Last Jedi he couldn’t bring himself to kill her. Then he proceeded to shoot down the X wing hanger that did shoot Leia down, so there is still some feeling of something for his mother.

Another big need from me is I want Ben and Rey to be together. I feel if that doesn’t go down then why all this build up especially in TLJ of their intense stares, the freaking hand holding, Rey telling him everything she saw in the cave (which was very personal btw), Kylo offering her to rule alongside him in the Galaxy, the last scene where Kylo looks destroyed inside, but not angry at Rey at all. Rey breathing in super hard because she really and I mean really wants to in my opinion go to him, but she had a job to do and help stop the First Order. You can see it in their faces. They’re not angry at each other there just sad that they can’t be together because of the different sides.

Also, can we give RIAN JOHNSON major props for bring Reylo to a new height? I didn’t expect my ship to turn canon so fast, but I am so happy that it is now. He took the time to put so much detail in the movie not just Reylo wise, but a lot of little things that I happened to notice.

Things I missed while watching the first go at the Last Jedi that I caught by the second time I watched…

Note: Most of these I was like in real hype mode on that first viewing, and like DYING that this was going down between them. I mean I was an OG shipper since TFA so I was SHOOKEETH to the core okay… Anyways

-In the first force bond, I hadn’t realized that Kylo told Rey you will bring Luke Skywalker to me which made me laugh cause he raises his hand and everything and Rey is just like WTF okay um nope.

-In the second force-bond scene I neglected to hear him tell her that I can’t see your surroundings only YOU. My heart!

-When Kylo comes to and he gets up I finally noticed that his lightsaber was back in his hilt again. When we all know in the infamous Throne scene that when Kylo and Rey pull at Luke’s saber (okay legacy lightsaber) and it breaks in half causing  Rey and Kylo to fall back. Kylo’s saber was already on the floor because if you remember Rey has to throw Luke’s saber at him to be able to win the fight. Meaning and this warms my little Reylo heart that when Rey (who first wakes up after the blast) to which I am immensely sad and hope this is one of the deleted scenes that she puts back his lightsaber in his hilt. I also failed to think about how in that moment she could have also just killed him… but she does not. She probably told him something meaningful and left to find the resistance.

– When the big ole fight between an angry Kylo and Luke when Kylo kicks his feet the ground leaves a red mark and when Luke does it the ground does not because Luke is projecting himself and not really there. Props to freaking Rian Johnson because details! also which I am dumbfounded that I didn’t notice this but that obviously Kylo and Rey just ripped apart Luke’s saber moments before and yet when he see’s Luke we see him with none other than his saber in hand. Which should have been a dead giveaway that Luke was not really there.

Now on to jsut some of my favorite videos: I watch a lot of them too… too many to count.

Just as a bonus I though I would add some Reylo gifs just cause. Enjoy!




As an added bonus, the Puppy eyes I love you Ben gif that has my heart feeling a kind of way.




Please note that the videos and GIFS are not mine. Also, Star Wars owns all the rights to all the clips and such.



My favorite ship videos from Youtube: Malec- Alec and Magnus


Spoilers ahead!!

if you are not caught up with episode 7 of Shadowhunters- season 2 please don’t watch.


Be sure and check out the creator of this videos channel here: Miriam M.B

I love Malec and I loved the song choice in this video. Hope you enjoy!