Tv Shows that I have been catching up/watching during the Summer!


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Well first off I have been watching a lot of shows lately and I do don’t know about you but I always feel great when I catch up with a show or finish it completely. I feel like I am crossing it off a list or something. Anyway here are the shows I have watched during my Summer thus far…

The Flash:  

I binge-watched all three seasons these last couple of months. I watched season one and two about a month or so ago. Waited for season three to be uploaded on Netflix and just finished the third season a week ago. Now I am ready to watch the show live when it comes back for a fourth season on CW. 



 I watched the first season live and I sadly wasn’t able to keep up with the second season. I finally binged the second season and I am caught up with the show which is currently in its third season and it airs Tuesdays nights on the CW.


How To Get Away With Murder:

 I would never watch this show live but I would DVR it and that’s how I caught up with season one and two. Now that season three has ended I am catching up on Netflix. I still have not caught up, but I am working on it. 

Girl Boss:

 I finished all of season one in a week or so. I liked it even though Sofia the main character can be a total meanie at times, I enjoyed it and will watch another season if it gets renewed. 

Night Shift:

I watched the first season and the second season live on NBC, but I am now catching up with season three on Netflix before season four begins. 

13 Reasons Why: 

I read the book when it first released, but I honestly could not remember much of what happened in it. I really liked it, even though it deals with a not so nice topic of rape. It is still something that I believe will help people get through things that are going on. I will say the last two episodes were the hardest to watch because I cried a lot. I finished all of it in a week or two. 

The Keepers:

 I enjoyed this show, but it was difficult to watch the second episode. I don’t want to spoil anything, but I had to pause on the show because of what it talked about which was rape. I do think it’s necessary to watch, because it opened my eyes. It made me mad and sad about what happened. I finished all of the show in a week or two.

The Handmaid’s Tale:

I enjoyed this series a lot. It also made me think a lot about how we take things for granted, but the show also really made me feel bad because all I could imagine was what if this was how things were in our own time. It was definitely an eye opener. I will say it does portray rape as a major factor in this show, so if you’re not comfortable with that be warned. I really want to see season two. I finished this in a week because it was only 10 episodes.

Twin Peaks: 

I started watching a while ago, is but I realized it on Netflix and with the new season of the show going on currently. I was inspired to start watching it again. Its weird and quirky but really good. My mom was into it years ago when it first aired so that also made me want to watch. 


I have watched this show since season one and I am currently watching the second part of season 2 right now. I am all caught up. I am living for Malec and Sebastian right now. I am a little disappointed in certain aspects but overall like the show and the characters. 






Monthly favorites: May 2017

monthly favorites


  • Whatever It Takes- Imagine Dragons
  • Game of Survival – Ruelle
  • Heaven In Hiding- Halsey
  • The Other Side- Ruelle

Beauty/ Makeup: 

  • Hello Beautiful shea and vitamin e lotion from Bath and Body Works
  • Essence eyebrow designer in the color blonde 04
  • Essence eyeliner pen – Waterproof in the color black

TV shows: 

  • The Flash
  • How To Get Away With Murder
  • The Goldbergs
  • The Originals
  • The Keepers
  • Girl Boss


Monthly favorites- March 2017

monthly favorites


  • Among the Imposters by Margaret Haddix


  • Beauty and the Beast


  • Physicians Formula Shimmer strips eyeliner in smoky nude eyes


  • Someone That Loves You- HONNE
  • Game of Survivial- Ruelle
  • Sunset Lover- Petit Biscuit
  • Don’t Want to Be Your Girl- Wet
  • Light- San Holo
  • Stateless- Faux Tales

TV Shows: 

  • The Goldbergs
  • Blackish
  • The Flash
  • How To Get Away With Murder
  • Riverdale


Shadowhunters season 2 playlist!


For the first season, I created a playlist on and you guy seemed to like that. Which you can listen to here: Shadowhunters season 1 playlist! I decided to make an another one with songs played in season 2. I created a whole new one to listen too! This season has had some great music come out of the show. I am constantly adding new songs from the newest episodes of Shadowhunters weekly. If a particular song is not on there and was played, it’s because it’s not on the site.

 In case your not into cussing, There might be some songs that cuss. Just a heads up.

Hope you guys enjoy listening to it!

Shadowhunters season 2 playlist!

My favorite videos from Youtube: Fitzsimmons



I can’t say enough about how much I ship Fitzsimmons from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I have shipped them since day 1!

Also major spoilers ahead, so if you have not watched the newest episode of AOS episode 15 of season 4 do not watch!



Shout out to Miriam M.B. once again for gracing us with another beautiful video!

Please subscribe to her. Her videos are amazing.

Monthly favorites: November 2016


monthly favorites

Sorry, I haven’t done a favorites post in a while, this semester just ended and I am finally able to post more things again. 


  • Somebody Else – The 1975
  • The Currents – Bastille
  • Bishop Briggs- Wild Horses


  • Under Rose Tainted Skies by Louise Gornell


  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them


  • Real Techniques Miracle complexion sponge.
  • Maybelline Mega plush volume’ express in the color brownish black

TV shows: 

  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 
  • Scream Queens
  • The Goldbergs



My thoughts on season 1 of Stranger Things!



Synopsis: When a young boy disappears, his mother, a police chief, and his friends must confront terrifying forces in order to get him back.

I absolutely love this show wholeheartedly. It has suspense,action,romance, and humor in the show. Stranger Things takes place in the 80’s and from what I hear it makes you feel nostalgic if you lived in that era. I am 24 so I can’t tell you from that standpoint, but it makes you feel like you want to live in that era. First off,  I want to mention that Winona Ryder is so amazing in this! She portrays Wills mother. Will is the boy who goes missing. She was perfectly cast as his mother.

Moving on to the storyline, I like the fact that it begins in episode one and sets the tone for the whole season. There are only 8 episodes in the season so you can and will most likely binge watch the complete the season in 3 days like I did or even quicker than that. I love El ( Eleven) played by Millie Bobbie Brown who is a great young actress who in the future I know is going to be a big deal! My next favorite character has to be Toothless aka Dustin played by Gatten Matarazzo who is so funny in the show.

If you like Super 8 , E.T., Goonies,Stand By Me, or any other movie like these you will definitely love Stranger Things. In order to see it, you have to have Netflix so not everybody has that ,but if you don’t go visit one of your friends who has Netflix so that you can binge watch it together 🙂


**If you have watched Stranger Things leave a comment below stating what your favorite character is  ?





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Monthly favorites: July 2016


monthly favorites

Hey guys, so sorry I haven’t been posting much I am currently taking a Summer class in college and its pretty intense. Anyway sorry for the lack of posting and late monthly favorites. I promise I will post more after this week is over and my class finishes 🙂

On to the goods,er I mean my favorites of July !


  • Into you – Ariana Grande
  • Fake it – Bastille
  • Stay – Kygo


  • Star Trek:Beyond
  • Suicide Squad

TV Shows:

  • Dead of Summer
  • American Gothic
  • Girl Meets World