National Twilight Night – We Are Still Here!

If you love Twilight be sure and check out my favorite Twilight group ever National Twilight Night ! 🙂


ntn-logoThe bad news is it’s been six (6) months since National Twilight Night posted on the NTN blog.   The good news is it’s been FOUR years since National Twilight Night was created and it’s still around.  Through Twilight highs and lows, NTN remains that Twilight centerpiece that brings together everything we have come to know and love  – that is Twilight.   In February NTN acknowledged four years of Twilight love, fun and genuine friendships.

And, because the NTN Sisterhood and NTN Loft are filled with genuine caring and supportive women from all backgrounds and walks of life, today the National Twilight Night organization still exists.

The NTN Board and NTN organization overall remains 100% dedicated to making sure the organization remain strong and do not fall, but remain standing for all the Twilight sisters who continue their Twilight journey with NTN.

For the last four years, the National Twilight…

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