Tv Shows that I have been catching up/watching during the Summer!


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Well first off I have been watching a lot of shows lately and I do don’t know about you but I always feel great when I catch up with a show or finish it completely. I feel like I am crossing it off a list or something. Anyway here are the shows I have watched during my Summer thus far…

The Flash:  

I binge-watched all three seasons these last couple of months. I watched season one and two about a month or so ago. Waited for season three to be uploaded on Netflix and just finished the third season a week ago. Now I am ready to watch the show live when it comes back for a fourth season on CW. 



 I watched the first season live and I sadly wasn’t able to keep up with the second season. I finally binged the second season and I am caught up with the show which is currently in its third season and it airs Tuesdays nights on the CW.


How To Get Away With Murder:

 I would never watch this show live but I would DVR it and that’s how I caught up with season one and two. Now that season three has ended I am catching up on Netflix. I still have not caught up, but I am working on it. 

Girl Boss:

 I finished all of season one in a week or so. I liked it even though Sofia the main character can be a total meanie at times, I enjoyed it and will watch another season if it gets renewed. 

Night Shift:

I watched the first season and the second season live on NBC, but I am now catching up with season three on Netflix before season four begins. 

13 Reasons Why: 

I read the book when it first released, but I honestly could not remember much of what happened in it. I really liked it, even though it deals with a not so nice topic of rape. It is still something that I believe will help people get through things that are going on. I will say the last two episodes were the hardest to watch because I cried a lot. I finished all of it in a week or two. 

The Keepers:

 I enjoyed this show, but it was difficult to watch the second episode. I don’t want to spoil anything, but I had to pause on the show because of what it talked about which was rape. I do think it’s necessary to watch, because it opened my eyes. It made me mad and sad about what happened. I finished all of the show in a week or two.

The Handmaid’s Tale:

I enjoyed this series a lot. It also made me think a lot about how we take things for granted, but the show also really made me feel bad because all I could imagine was what if this was how things were in our own time. It was definitely an eye opener. I will say it does portray rape as a major factor in this show, so if you’re not comfortable with that be warned. I really want to see season two. I finished this in a week because it was only 10 episodes.

Twin Peaks: 

I started watching a while ago, is but I realized it on Netflix and with the new season of the show going on currently. I was inspired to start watching it again. Its weird and quirky but really good. My mom was into it years ago when it first aired so that also made me want to watch. 


I have watched this show since season one and I am currently watching the second part of season 2 right now. I am all caught up. I am living for Malec and Sebastian right now. I am a little disappointed in certain aspects but overall like the show and the characters. 






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