Oldie but goodie! Number The Stars review

Number the StarsNumber the Stars by Lois Lowry

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this book. I knew I would because I read the Giver by Lois as well and liked her writing style very much. Although this book is very serious Lowry somehow manages to find lighthearted moments and makes them stand out and therefore be very poignant. The book took you through being in 10-year-old Annemarie’s eyes through the whole story. The storyline is easy to follow as this is a children’s book. The characters feel as though they were real people and I think that’s what this book does well.



The story is told from the point of view of 10-year-old Annemarie Johannsen. The Storyline takes place in 1943 Copenhagen, Denmark. It takes place at the time when German troops were starting to relocate the Jewish people in Denmark. Annemarie’s family decides to take in her Jewish friend Ellen Rosen into their home. Through the eyes of Annemarie, we see a story of heroism of people who took in Jewish families to protect them from the Germans and who’s bravery was astounding. This work of fiction is a moving story of courage amongst a time of war.

I had to read this book for one of my education classes. I thought I would share my information from a handout I made as well. 

Grade level:

4th – 6th grade level (10-12 year olds)

Interest level: 4-8(Middle Grades)

Genre: Historical fiction

Year published: 1989

Other awards the book has won:

 Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children’s Book Award in 1991 and the National Jewish Book Award for Children’s Literature in 1990.

An interesting fact about the author: is that she loves photography. She used to work as a professional photographer. Some of her photos were used in her own book covers.

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