Assasin’s Creed movie review! (Spoiler Free)




Picture not mine.


First off, I have never played the Assasin’s Creed video games. I do however know about them and have only been familiar with them from seeing the commercials on TV and Youtube for years. I am not a gamer of any sort. I only went to see this movie because it generally looked good and I was curious all these years about the storyline and plot of it. That being said I am coming at this movie from a sight of not knowing anything about the game.

I liked the story a lot actually. I felt the whole Assasin’s lifestyle was pretty intense but really great. I enjoyed the special effects and the costumes were awesome. I loved their hoods and gear so much! Fassbender was really good in this movie. I also enjoyed seeing Jeremy Irons who I love as an actor and human being. I did have one problem with the film and that was the noise level. Whoever did the sound editing must have not paid attention to the volumes or something because when they would talk when Cal was hooked up to the machine you could barely hear anything they actors were saying at all. The music was way too loud! Don’t get me wrong the music was amazing and I loved it but it caused me to go wait what did you say half the time. I almost wished I could have rewind the bit, so I could actually hear it properly haha. I think when it comes out on DVD I will have to buy it just for that reason.

Overall it was a pretty decent movie. I liked the fighting scenes, costumes, and actors. I enjoyed it and I liked the storyline enough I might just look into the games and compare it to the movie.


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