Rogue One: A Star Wars movie review {Spoiler free!}


I really did enjoy this film. However, I will say it was quite slow at the beginning. It felt a little draggy in some places.As far as characters go I loved Jyn Erso who is definitely a strong female character and its a nice placement in the Star Wars Universe. I liked how she didn’t play by anyone’s rules but her own. Cassian was quite likable even at first I was hesitant to like him, but he was okay with the ending. It also helped that he was adorable! haha. The android K-2SO had a lot of lines that were really funny.

I liked how this film explains a lot of the stuff we have not seen before. I enjoyed seeing certain people that we have seen before in the past Star Wars films and yes the ending made you want to rewatch episode 4 (A New Hope) to remember and now watch it with new eyes! Highly recommend seeing it if you have not already 🙂

Seen Rogue One? comment down below your favorite character, but please no spoilers!




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