My review of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.{caution spoilers}

I loved the film so much!! It gave me chills just seeing the WB with the ominous clouds that I grew up seeing right before the Harry Potter films again. I think David Yates did a wonderful job directing. Although I will say it was slow at the beginning of the movie, however, I understood why it was that way. I mean were being introduced to characters we’ve never met and they had to set the setting and time frame so I will give them that.

On to the actors in the film! I thought Eddie Redmayne was absolutely Fantastic! haha, see what I did there… no okay moving on. Anyway, I loved him in the movie. He did a great job as Newt Scamander. Colin Farrel, Ezra Miller, and okay the whole cast was awesome.

I thought the movie was great. I liked being back in the Wizarding World and learning new things like what went on in America. I liked all of the creatures in the film. My favorite beast was Pickett the Bowtruckle. He was too cute. I also loved the Niffler. He was a scene stealer for sure. I thought the cgi was amazing on the beasts, who looked so real and life like.

As for theories I have seen going around and after me reading them for hours and days, oops. No shame! Call me hungry for more. If you have not heard already the Fantastic Beasts series will continue on and in total, there will be 5 movies, so four more to come for us to sink out teeth into. On to the theories!!  In one I read that Ariana Dumbledore might have been an obscurial just like Credence Barebone was as we saw in the film. Theories say that that was the reason Dumbledore’s mother was killed. They believe that it was Ariana’s uncontrollable actions that caused the mother to die in a terrible accident . There was another theory that Voldemort could read people’s minds like Greenie could in the film. They explained why he always knew what they were planning or doing. It kind of seems far fetched,but I am not saying it’s not true,but until more proof comes up I will be looking into more theories.

How did you like the movie?? answer in the comments and include any other theories you found because I love reading those 🙂




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