My spoiler free review of Alice Through the Looking Glass


I didn’t know what to expect going into this movie. Its been a long while, six years to be exact since the first movie came out. I did like this movie even if I think it would have been better to release it sooner than the six years it might have done a bit better. I did feel at times it dragged on a bit while they were traveling through time, but other than that I felt like it was a pretty good second movie. In the film it showed how Alice is now a captain of her own ship. She travels with a crew and explores the world. Although this film was not as good as the first one it still captured my heart in the sense that the movie shows what true friendship is. Alice is sent on a mission to travel through time to save the Mad Hatter to change his fate of his family who he believes is still alive. I liked that this film showed young girls a great role model in Alice. She is fierce and will do anything to help a friend. It did make me tear up in the end. I do recommend you see it. Kids will love it!


Also I really liked the end credit song Just Like Fire by Pink!


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