My review of Me Before You by Jojo Moyes -Major spoilers!

Me Before You (Me Before You, #1)Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

My rating: 5 of 5 stars




This book is written well and I absolutely loved every minute of it, the book was a easy read. It gave me chills and made me think of life, and how we have to live every moment like its our last. I liked the main character Louisa (Lou) Clark because she is so quirky and unique. She had always lived her 26 years of life with a not so great job and dead end boyfriend who was always just okay. She worked at the Buttered Bun a restaurant where she was a waitress and she just went on with life like normal. It was not until the owner gave her three months pay and told her he had to close the restaurant that Lou really opened her eyes to what she was going to do next in life. Her dad didn’t make that much money and are relying on her income, so she knew she had to find a job and quick. She ends up finding a job as a Quadriplegic’s care taker who she thinks is an old man and as it turns out is not an old man but a rich pretty young guy Will Traynor. Will got into this position by getting hit by a car and now is in a wheelchair, he can’t move his legs and can just slightly move his fingers. Lou soon realizes that Will is a stubborn man who doesn’t like her or anyone for that matter. He seems sad and down about the state he is in. She accidentally finds out through Will’s mom who is Louisa’s employer that Will intends to end his life in six months. Basically she comes to terms that she is there to improve Will’s outlook on life since she is so spunky and odd. She slowly discovers she deeply cares for Will is kind of sick of her own boyfriend Patrick, because all he cares is about is his training for triathlons and bike rides. She ends things with him because of disagreements and Patrick soon finds that she likes Will. Louisa comes up with a plan to make Will change his mind about ending his own life by coming up with trips/things to do so that he will see that there is so much left of his life. Will in his former life, was adventurous and loved to everything and anything. Will being in this current situation had him down and wanting to let go of his life. Finally Lou tells Will that she knows of his plan and says that she loves him. He tells her that if she really loved him she will come to Australia and support his decision to end his life. Louisa gets angry and only when Will’s mother tells her to come to say goodbye does Lou go and finally he ends up dying and with it my heart. I truly loved this book so much. It was a very good book. I will definitely read more of Jojo Moyes books.

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