My thoughts on the Shadowhunters tv show!

I have to say that I really have been enjoying watching the show. I mean yeah they did change up some things like aging up the characters, making Luke a detective, etc but I feel like we already know and love these characters the tv show gives them a chance to show us more of themselves in a way that we get to see them interact more than we saw in the movie version of this book. Every week I am in awe of seeing Alec,Izzy, Simon, Jace, Clary , and the other characters interact and I love getting to see more of Magnus! We are already shown 6 episodes, which means were nearing the halfway point of the season. There are a total of 13 episodes for season 1. I hope that we get a season 2 ,I need it so badly!

I want to see where the show goes and how it portrays the other books in the series. I know some people have mixed reactions about Shadowhunters ,but honestly in my opinion I am so grateful that this book series got another chance. There has never been in instance where a book to movie adaptation gets another chance as a tv show. I just think back to The Vampire Diaries and I read most of all the books in that series was kinda of sad they changed so much from the books in the tv series when it came out and you know what once I started giving up that it was going to be a exact copy of what the book was I gave it a chance and I loved the show for what it was.I am just saying that maybe just give the show a chance .

Now seeing 6 episodes I feel like it finally amped up and is getting intense now. Its getting better and better each week. I always wish the episodes were longer because I want it to be longer each week 🙂 I read all of the book series, so I can testify to wanting them portrayed well and I think the cast is killing it. I love seeing them as the characters I fell in love with. I think out of everything said at the end of the day the cast does a great job. Just from watching interviews by the cast; they know how important these characters are to the fans. We are so lucky to have a cast that cares about portraying the characters well.

I can’t wait to see more episiodes 🙂


*Picture is not mine ,belongs to Entertainment Weekly



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