My review of The 5th Wave movie! {Mild Spoilers}




I loved the film so much. I mean sure they changed some stuff ,but nothing that took away from what the book stated. I wish they would have put the scene where Evan lets Cassie see into his head and see everything he feels. However the film took the essence of the book and the director did a good job. I liked all the actors in the movie, I felt like they were perfect and portrayed Cassie,Evan, Ben, Ringer,Tea Cup, Dumbo,Sammy, and the others characters well. I liked how they showed each wave and it was cool to see it on a global scale. In the book we only hear about it from Cassie ,but seeing it on the screen put it all into perspective for the movie goers. I enjoyed alot of the scenes because they were straight from the book. Like the dialogue about ringer when she first joins Squad 53 was completely from the text. Cassie (Chloe Grace Moretz) and Evan ( Alex Roe) had great chemistry and I enjoyed there scenes together. I love Ben Parish/Zombie (Nick Robinson) so much ,in the books he is one of my favorite characters so I thought that Nick was the perfect Zombie. Sammy played by Zackary Arthur was just so cute and perfect as Sammy/ Nugget. It was his first movie and he did a great job. Overall I loved the film and can’t wait to get it on DVD.

I know it got 5th or 6th place for the weekend it opened ,but it opened better overseas. I desperately hope they make The Infinite Sea into a movie .I need it! 


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