My review of the 5th Wave by Rick Yancey(Spoilers!!)

Again SPOILERS ahead ! 



I was hooked with this book after starting it.I liked the main character Cassie alot because she was thrown into all of these crazy things happening and yet she was pretty dam brave about it. I mean sure she was scared out of her wits, but she took the m16 her dad gave her and still had the courage to keep her promise to Sammy. I also noticed that something was fishy about the people saving the kids.  I was totally right about them actually being the aliens who were training the kids to basically kill there own kind.

I had my suspicions about Evan ,but I was right that he was the one who actually had shot Cassie on the highway.I did like his character though.  I really enjoyed how this book went through about 3  different people’s perspectives. We start off with Cassie and then go to I think either Sammy or Ben/ Zombie and then back and forth until there parts of what they are experiencing connect and we see them all together at the end. Well, at least Ben,Sammy, and Cassie. Evan we only hear about in the end blowing up camp Heaven.

I can’t wait to see the movie now, from the commercials it looks like it might follow the book pretty well. 

I have started reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies now ,because I know once school starts up again. My reading will slow down .I will get to Infinite Sea eventually.

What were your thoughts about the 5th Wave ? comment down below.

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