My review of Made in the A.M. by One Direction

I love this album.It’s been on replay since it came out ! What can I say I am a directioner and have been for many years now.I really don’t care if I am 23 years I proudly love them to bits.

My favorites off Made in the A.M would be …

  • Olivia – Its just so darn catchy ,okay well there whole album is but this is my favorite song to get ready to because it puts me in a great mood.
  • Hey Angel – because I love the harmonies and well everything from the lyrics to it being a great song overall.I have had this as my alarm song to wake up for school.
  • Never Enough-  because its a great song and I like the chorus tons!
  • A.M. – because I like the lyrics and I love the background music/instruments used.
  • If I could Fly – because its kind of a sad love song and that gives me feels and that’s what makes me love only more.
  • History – because its just so good and I love it what can I say .

Okay I should stop there because honestly I could have kept going on my favorites I love all of it that much!

You should totally get it if you don’t have it already. Great gift for someone who wants the cd and does not already have it . I think out of all the albums this one awesome .I thought the others were good too ,but this one is really awesome. It sounds different from their albums and I think that’s why I adore it so much because they did something with this one.

Anyway I’ll leave you with this lovely gif of the boys hugging !





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