My review of Mockingjay Part 2 (Spoilers)

First off do not read on if you have not seen the movie or read the books.Major spoilers ahead!!


I absolutely without a doubt loved this movie! I felt like Francis did an amazing job on this film.Everyone in this film was on their game.Jennifer,Josh, and Liam were incredible.This movie was so close to the book.I mean yes there were some differences .On of the major ones I can think of right of the back is that instead of Delly Cartright helping Peeta in District 13 we see Prim helping him in the movie. Which honestly to me was okay, I mean we got to see more of prim. Peter Craig who was the screen writer did a fantastic job putting in so many direct quotes from the book,which made me immensely happy!

I truly believe that Mockingjay Part 2,  as well all of the movies in this series are very close to the books .I would without a doubt go on to say that this franchise has some of the best YA book to movie adaptations ever made.I had so many feels  during this movie.I knew when they went into the tunnels that Finnick’s time was almost up and I got sad.When he yelled Katniss ,my heart sank and broke in that moment. When Prim gets blown up by the bombs I literally silently said nooo  to myself, and then I cried.

I especially give props to Jennifer for the “she’s dead you stupid cat “scene.I sobbed silently in that scene so hard.Josh was incredible as Peeta. He blew me away in all of his scenes he was in. When he kind of lost it in the tunnels and Katniss kisses him back into reality I was fangirling so much! I ship them so hard.My heart just about exploded from happiness in that moment. Liam, in this film was just as he was in the books.Even though I don’t ship him with Katniss , I knew in the end it was not his fault that Prim got killed. He was just trying to win the war. He never meant for Prim to get killed. Somewhere in the back of my head I believe that later on Katniss forgives him eventually.Now about that Hayffie kiss!! I got so excited when they kissed on the cheeks and then actually kissed on the mouth. For me personally I think they become a couple in the future after the book ends ,but that’s just me.

The music was beautiful as always.The film was action packed, made me cry, laugh and I applaud at the ending.I loved the ending credits with Jennifer singing Deep in the Meadow .I cried at that part because I knew this was it.The ending of an era.I remember reading the book back in like 2011 and falling in love with the characters.I then went on to read Catching Fire and soon after into my first or second semester in college they announced they were going to make The Hunger Games into a movie. I was so excited and I went to finish reading  Mockingjay, before The Hunger Games came out. I  love all of the films so much. I am going to miss seeing Josh,Jen ,and Liam going on press tours. I know that since their friends they will always hang out ,but it’s not going to be the same. I hope in the future they work again together in a another film.That would be cool.

My love for this series has no bounds.I will forever hold a place in my heart for this series.

3 Finger Salute . . .



2 thoughts on “My review of Mockingjay Part 2 (Spoilers)

  1. Sue says:

    Great review, and I completely agree with you. I just saw this movie and think it was even better than part 1, so full of emotion. I am going to miss it too, but at least we have the books to read again whenever we feel the need to revisit them. 🙂


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