My review of The Peanuts movie ! ( some spoilers)

I really loved this film so much. They did a good job of bringing back some of the the old lines from the classic Peanuts cartoons. I think that they honored Schultz very well. I liked how they showed the younger audience, or really anyone who sees this movie that just because you made mistakes it does not make you a misfit or unworthy of anybody wanting to be your friend. Charlie Brown learns this at the end of the film when the little red hair girl volunteers to be Charlies pen pal for the Summer. He doesn’t understand why she wants him to be her pen pal.It turns out that she liked him for his kindness,compassion, and his personality rather then thinking bad of his past mess ups. My mom really liked seeing that they included the kite eating tree which she says was a popular topic in the older Peanuts cartoons. I loved that they kept the red baron factor in the movie.I always loved that in the Peanuts cartoons.I thought that snoopys little love story was a cute edition to the classic tale of snoopy and his flying dog house.It was very adorable.

Overall a very good movie!


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