My Scorch Trials spoiler free review!

To start off I will say I liked the movie,however there were major changes that did not occur at all in the book. I did think it was action packed and thrilling though. I liked Brenda and Jorge ,I felt like they picked the perfect people to portray them.I felt like they changed some of the best scenes from the book sadly.However I did read an interview with Wes Ball (the director) where he did say that they combined some of the thoughts of the third book so there is a chance to see some of them in the third film.On to the The cranks.I thought they were spot on how I imagined them from the book.I had chills down my spine from the noises they made.I loved the cinematography of the film.They had a shot of the gladers walking on the hills of the dessert and it was just breathtaking. I give major props to Wes because once again he proved that he could make a good movie with a lower budget.I mean sure they did give him a little more this time around ,but they still gave him less than other bigger franchises get money wise.

Overall I liked it .I did feel like some instances they changed alot of stuff,but I hope that in the next film they show more of what was missing.

Oh and one more thing to mention the score was so amazing.I loved the music in the film so much !

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