6 TV Shows I binged,caught up with, or watched live this summer.

Summer of 2015 was a good Summer in terms of watching TV for me .Which let’s be honest I did most of the Summer anyway…

Here are my top 6 TV shows in no particular order.

  1. Daredevil: I binged watched it all this Summer and finally finished all of season 1 .I really loved it ,It was dark and yet had a great sense of humor in this show.If you have not watched this show.The only restriction is its only on Netflix.
  2. Pretty Little Liars: I was pretty good about watching live,but sometimes I would just DVR and watch later. We finally found out who A has been all along and although I know its was a bit underwhelming for me. Particularly because I had been looking at people’s theories and they were completely right so when A was revealed it was like yeah I guessed that.I honestly don’t know where this show is headed with a 5 year time jump coming. I kinda of feel like they could have just ended it like that and it would have been okay .We shall see how it does.
  3. Under The Dome: When this show started on season 3 this Summer I was all caught up and everything.I started off great and watching live,but then I started to catch up through DVR it and watching later on. I am all caught up and ready for tonight’s episode.Things are getting crazy on this show.I like how they spun alot of the people and concepts that we had seen on the past two seasons.They did something different this time and although at first I was mad that a couple was headed to breakup land I was happy to know they still have a chance to be together.
  4. Scream – The TV series: I admit I started off good with watching live and then I would forget it was on .I am currently all caught up I binged watched a couple episodes a day and I am ready for next weeks new episode.I like this show alot.
  5. Stitchers: I loved this show.It was something different for ABC Family and I liked that they took a risj and did something a bit different then there usual shows that they pick up on this channel.It gives me huge hope for Shadowhunters coming soon to ABC Family in January! Anyways, I can’t wait for season 2 of Stitchers. The.The way it ended had a huge cliffhanger.
  6. Teen Wolf: I have kept up pretty well with this show .I only had to DVR and watch it a couple of times.I just need to watch a little of the past episode and I will be caught up.I am not sure where the show is headed .I am curious about the dread doctors and where the story line is going.I know some of the fans are not too happy with this season.In my opinion its been okay.I do love some new ships blossoming though.

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