My Paper Towns movie review (Caution Spoilers!)

Okay so I am going to start off by saying that yes,I know they changed the ending bit from the way the book depicted the story line.However I really thought the way they ended the movie was a better send off than the book because in the book it ends with Q finding Margo in the abandoned bullring and outside they have the whole conversation that is had outside of the bus so in turn all that changed for that scene was the location of the conversation.I was totally okay with that because I felt kind of like what that’s the way it ends ? while reading the book.In the movie I felt like it flowed better with Q saying he knew Margo was doing great things and they show her and the possibilities of what she was off doing.

Another change that they made is that Angela goes on the road trip with them in the movie and in the book she does not.John Green even said in interviews lately that that was one of his regrets that Angela didn’t go on the trip ,so in the end he got his wish.Also going on about the same topic;The road trip In the book they all go to find Margo on their graduation day which to me didn’t make sense because well for me anyways usually if you don’t go to your graduation your not going to get your diploma, so I liked it better in the movie when they go before Prom .It also gave them more time to focus on the “lasts events” like the book discusses that all of the characters will be having their lasts like last time in Gym ,last time in a class,last time seeing each other in a while.I really liked the way it all flowed the film.They kept enough of what the book had for it to be a good adaptation ,it had the essence of what John Green wrote in the book.

Oh and I guess they edited Q getting the van for his birthday out of the movie because I do remember a commercial with him getting the van,but I man those commercials get submitted early in the process .I am sure it will be in the deleted scenes.Another thing not in the movie that was in the book was when Margo and Q go to Sea World .They do mention it in the movie when they were kids ,but I am glad they didn’t go there. I am totally against going there .I don’t support Sea World at all .I was happy about that.

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