My Inside Out review (Caution spoilers ahead!)

First off let me say that even though this film is aimed for kids .I really felt like as an adult seeing this movie ,it did not only get into child life issues but also about depression and sadness .The feelings not only felt not it in kids but in adults alike.I really liked the movie because of that very detail.
The kids in the theater I watched the film understood what was going on .Although I kept hearing a little girl behind me say what’s going on and whats wrong with Riley,but yet I still feel life this movie made;even kids understood that it’s okay to be sad and to not just feel happy or  be joyous all the time.
In the film Joy only thinks that she can ,make Riley happy and it isn’t until the end that we see her realize that with out sadness we can’t fully move on and sometimes all it takes is a good cry to let out your emotions to come out before you can get over things.We see Riley having mixed emotions at the end of the film ,I think that’s why kids should set he movie to show them about emotions.
I thought it was a big step forward for kids films .It has substance and yet was a kids movie that had funny parts in it as well.
I will definitely get the DVD when it comes out !

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