Handmade and Twilight Inspired items!

If you love Twilight then please check out this post from National Twilight Night !


One of the National Twilight Night, Inc. members from Australia is crafting and selling handmade keychains, book marks and earrings.  Because they are specially handcrafted, they are unique pieces and perfect for any Twilighter.  Support NTN, Inc. by adding these rare pieces to your Twilight inspired collections!

  • 4 Charm Book Marks – $9
  • 3 Charm Keychains – $6
  • 3 Charm Rubber Bracelets – $6
  • Earrings – $5

Because all items will be shipped from Australia, shipping and handling will be additional.  All proceeds will be donated to NTN, Inc. for the purpose of fundraising.

Item Charms:

Lion, Lamb, Crystal Heart, Apple, Bella’s Truck, Motorbike, Wolf, Wolf Paw Print, Vampire Fangs, Bat, Pumpkin and lettered and colored beads.

NTN Inspired Charms

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