My spoiler free review of Jurassic World!

I really liked this film.Chris Pratt had to do with why I liked it alot,and no not just because of his looks but because he kept the film funny and helped out comedic and story wise.I thought that the ending was good because it perfectly leads right to where the next movie in this franchise will take off .I liked that the dinosaurs were still scary enough to keep your heart beating throughout the movie ,even if you are not a kid .I loved those parts that kind of make your heart jitter with excitement. I thought the cast did a good job.Overall I thought that the movie lead up to all the hype surrounding the film and the boots to fill from the other movies in the franchise. I think it’s cool because even back then when they introduced Jurassic Park movies back then, I was still in awe that they could create real life like looking dinosaurs. Fast forward a couple of years where we now have  technology to create dinosaurs that look life like where the details on them is incredible.

I can’t wait to see the next one!

Picture does not belong to me*


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