My review of Pitch Perfect 2 (Spoilers!)

Spoilers ahead!!




I liked this movie,while it was not as good as the first one I thought it was funny and good none the less.I liked how Elizabeth Banks directed this movie and I thought she did a good job for her first time.I liked the new Bella, She was good.I thought the movie was funny and charming. The Bella’s had stiff competition against Das Sound Machine and I was happy that they won the competition because they worked hard at the camp to get back into the groove so to speak.I laughed so much throughout the movie and enjoyed it thoroughly. I guess for the third Pitch Perfect  there going to show Becca and Fat Amy and the rest of the Bella’s what there doing now and then the new Bella’s as the old Bella’s have graduated now.

I can’t wait for the third one ,I hope it’s good because sometimes with the third movies there not always the best.


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