National Twilight Night (NTN) is now Incorporated!

My very favorite Twilight  group National Twilight Night just got Incorporated 🙂

The National Twilight Night Sisterhood has just accomplished the greatest goal to date.

Although they have accomplished many objectives, as an online group, since the beginning of NTN, but this accomplishment will benefit NTN as an entity for years to come!

The sisters of National Twilight Night wanted to do more and be more than just an online Twilight group. They want to take their love and passion they have for Twilight and direct it so that NTN is part of the charitable circle while taking part in social responsibility and helping others.National Twilight Night’s new mission and vision is to striving to make a difference by giving back to society through charity fundraising and spreading charity awareness. This also means the Sisterhood will forever change in a positive way. While NTN still loves Twilight and will continue to keep the “sparkle” alive, Twilight will no longer be our only focus point. They are proud to announce, as 501(c)3 organization, National Twilight Night, Inc. will pursue, discover and contribute to things beyond Twilight.
To reflect their new organizational status and mission, the NTN website was made over. Take a look at the newly done over website at


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