Day one of “I Read YA” week

Today is the start of This is Teen I Read YA week. Today’s activity is to sign in to one or more of your social media account on This is Teen, it can be found at the link below:

Once you are signed in to your social media account that you want to use then you be able to share your favorite #IReadYA image which is under day 1 on the page on the left handed corner.Tell them why you love reading YA. After you share, you are entered to win one of today’s prize packs! They already have pictures to use just click the one you like best as they switch to a different image and write it why you read YA books ,and that’s it .Tomorrow through Friday they will have a different activity,so you should definitely join in the fun.

I read YA because they truly have been some of the best books I have ever read.

Why do you read YA ? Comment down below.

*Picture is courtesy of This is Teen.

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