I got nominated for The Creative Blogger Award!

I got nominated by the lovely Coolbeans4 .They can be found at the following link: https://coolbeans4.wordpress.com/

I was so happy I just so happened to hit 2,000 views yesterday, so this comes at an awesome time for my blog 🙂

If you get nominated  for this you are supposed to nominate about  10- 15 bloggers. I will nominate 10 . Then you have to share 5 facts about yourself ,  tag the one who tagged you as well as your own nominees.

My nominees are : 











On the 5 facts about me:

– I love guys with accents especially Irish or British.

– I used to collect the little stickers off the DVDs that said the title of the movie for the longest time.I recently gave that up ,but it was fun while it lasted.

– I absolutely love Dylan o’ Brien so much .I have loved him since Teen Wolf ever came out.

– I like to decorate for different seasons.At my house I’m the official decorator for the holidays,birthdays, bbq’s, you name it. Most recently I planned a baby shower for a family member. Future party planner on the side … maybe.

– My 5 top five favorite bands/artists at the moment are: Marina and The Diamonds, Bastille, Chvrches, Of Monsters and Men, and Passion Pit.

Thanks for nominating me Coolbeans4 🙂



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