Full track listing and review of Smoke and Mirrors by Imagine Dragons

The track listing is as follows:

1. Shots

2. Gold

3. Smoke and Mirrors

4. I’m So Sorry

5. I Bet My Life

6. Polaroid

7. Friction

8. It Comes Back to You

9. Dream

10. Trouble

11. Summer

12. Hopeless Opus

On to the review.I really loved this album because it was a little different sounding then their other music.I like that artists take risks and make Cd’s sound different and not be static and keep with the same sound.Otherwise it sounds the same and what’s the point of buying the same album over and over again when you can produce a product that is unique and new.

My favorites off this CD were Gold,Dream, and Hopeless Opus .I have had the album on repeat ever since it came out and I new I loved it as soon as I listened to the whole CD once I knew it was a great album.I already knew most of the words on the second go around.The music videos that they have released thus far from the CD are super cool .I love how artsy Shots music video is .I like how Gold is simple but great.

If you have not already picked up this album then go check it out.

if you have purchased this CD what were your thoughts and what is your favorite song? Comment down below.

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2 thoughts on “Full track listing and review of Smoke and Mirrors by Imagine Dragons

  1. The Brain in the Jar says:

    I was disappointed at their debut. The first three tracks are brilliant, but after that it’s just a bunch of cool ideas with bad melodies. How varied is this one? Are they continuing the experimenting they begun, or is it a more straight-up rock record?


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