My thoughts on episode 1 of The Lizzie Borden Chronicles.(Spoiler Free)

I really liked the Lizzie Borden movie when it came out in January of last year.I just so happened to be watching Dance Moms last week when I saw a advertisement about the Lizzie Borden Chronicles and I new I would be watching it since I enjoyed the movie. I DVR’d it  and I watched it on Monday. I thought it was really good. Christina Ricci is just so perfect and wicked as Lizzie.It was also gruesome and gory.We even see some fatalities in the first episode.I liked the music as well ,it really added something to it .I watched it for the second time today and I still enjoyed watching it over again.

You can catch it on Sundays at 10pm /9 central time on the Lifetime Channel.

Did you catch the Lizzie Borden Chronicles last weekend ,what did you think about ? comment down below.

*picture does not belong to me

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