Full track listing & review of Froot by Marina and The Diamonds.

I adore this album so much.It’s been on repeat since it came out.I love the new sound of this CD. Marina had done super amazing on this album.My favorites are “I’m a Ruin”,”Blue”, “Can’t Pin Me Down”, “Solitaire”, and “Froot”. Let me just say if you have not heard of Marina and The Diamonds then go and listen to some of her music on YouTube or Spotify .I discovered her a couple of years ago by hearing “How to Be a Heart breaker” and I fell in love with her voice.Even as i’m writing this post I am listening to the CD.Anyway, make sure a listen to this album it won’t disappoint.

The track list :

1. Happy 

2. Froot

3. I’m a Ruin

4. Blue 

5. Forget 

6. Gold

7. Can’t Pin Me Down

8. Solitaire 

9. Better Than That

10. Weeds 

11. Savages

12. Immortal

Did you pick up a copy or buy it online ?

What did you think of it ? comment down below 🙂

*Picture does not belong to me*

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