My spoiler free review of Cinderella.

I will jump in a say this right off the back; I truly adored this film.I saw it twice and even seeing it for the second round, made me love this movie even more.The costumes, sets ,and actors were all just so spot on.I loved Lilly James in this role.She was cast so perfectly to play the role of Cinderella.She encompassed everything that was Ella.The prince played by Richard Madden was amazing as well.He is super swoon worthy too ,so that doesn’t hurt. Cate Blanchett was awesome as the devious step mother.She played the role well as did Holliday Grainger and Sophie McShera as the stepsisters.The movie was really bright and whimsical.I liked that they made the dress a little different than the dress that she wears in the cartoon version of the film.

Overall this film was magical, beautiful, and very heartfelt.They did a great job on this movie.

*Picture does not belong to me*


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