How I feel about Zayn Malik leaving One Direction

Well the picture above should just about sum up how I feel right now…

I totally respect Zayn and his decision  to leave. I mean, I hate how the media just turned on him spreading lies about that he was supposedly cheating on his fiance Perrie .When for one that was not the truth. The girl seen in the picture was actually just a girl who happened to get a photo with him . She was not even a real big fan of One Direction.This got to be to much for him .I will follow him in whatever he decides to do in his life.I will also continue to follow what the other boys will do ,whether they end up staying a band or not.It seems like they will for now ,but everything can change quickly.

I am so devastated by this news ,since I am a big One Direction fan.I am so glad that I at least got to see Zayn when he was still with One Direction back in September of 2014.All I want is for Zayn to be happy.This just seemed to be the solution for him.

Here is another gif just to bask you in sadness about Zayn leaving…


Gifs do not belong to me*


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