My review of The Divergent series: Insurgent (Spoilers!)

Major spoiler alert !!! Do not read on if you have not seen or read the book.

Okay, so I didn’t love the movie,but I didn’t hate it.I liked it .However there were alot of changes made from the book that were majorly changed.The first major change I will speak about is the box. I thought that the box made sense because if you recall in the book.Jeanine wants a divergent to come and sacrifice themselves to be able to make a serum that won’t allow the divergents to wake up in a sim. In.In the movie the box replaced that by making the perfect divergent, the only person to be able to open the message.I felt like that made a lot more sense because in the end the message said that once the divergents out number the population they would in turn be the ones to free everyone from factions and see what was outside the fence.It also made alot of sense to make Tris the one to unlock the box since we know from reading the book that Edith Prior ,her relative was the one who was talking in the message.

Another major change which I felt should have been put in was the fact that in the book Tris can’t hold a gun because she is traumatized by the fact that she shot Will.In the movie not even five minutes go by and Tris is seen holding a gun proudly.

Another change is that in the book Marcus,Tris, and Cristina go to Amity to get help from Joanna and she and her faction come to help the wounded on all the movie Marcus stays with the Amity faction for the entire duration the of film once he gets there with Tris and Four.More changes were like the fact that in the book Zeke and Tori are undercover and come back later in the book,well in the movie they don’t really show Zeke at all and Tori is there the whole time.A change that I did like was that Cristina is one of the people in the sim when  Crsitina along with Hector and Marlene say that Tris needs to sacrifice herself otherwise people will end up dead.In the book it’s Hector ,Marlene,and I can’t remember the other person at the moment.

I thought that it was an okay movie.I thought at times the cgi in the simulations were over done.Even with all the changes I felt like it was an alright movie.I felt like it could have been done a bit better ,but non the less I enjoyed the film.The actors were all on point. I wish they showed more of Marlene,hector,Lynn, and other characters mentioned in the book but I see why because they only have 2 hours to do the movie..I was super glad to see Uriah in this film.Overall an okay movie.We shall see what they do with Alligiant .Which I am going to read soon.I have held off reading Alligiant because of spoilers but I finally decided to read it.

What were your thoughts on the film? comment down below.

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