My spoiler free movie review for The Duff

I really enjoyed this movie.It was super funny.It had me laughing for most of the movie.It was also very heart felt too.No matter the age of the movie goer; you will enjoy the’s aimed for teens,but I am 23 and I loved it .My uncle and mom did as well.It goes to show that it was just a great comedic film for everyone 13 and up as it is PG -13.

Robbie Amell who happens to be very easy on the eyes was a real catch in this film.I think he shined alot in this film I don’t mean literally like Edward in Twilight ,but as an actor.As well as Bella Thorne as the mean girl and Mae Whitman as the Duff.

I hope to read the book eventually.I put it on my TBR list. I usually do read the book before seeing the movie,but I got the chance to see the movie and I took it.

Did you see or read the Duff ? comment your thoughts below.

*Picture does not belong to me*

2 thoughts on “My spoiler free movie review for The Duff

  1. impossiblegirl123 says:

    If you really are going to read the book, be prepared! It is nothing like the movie! They only took the names of the main characters, as well as the concept of a person being a DUFF and that’s it.
    I don’t mean to judge which one is better, because they both have their own way of being great, but I just thought you should know that it is nothing alike.


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