My review of McFarland USA (Spoilers)

Don’t read on if you have not seen this film yet .Spoilers ahead!

I really enjoyed watching this film. I will be getting it on DVD when it releases I liked how it was a real life story. It was a story about just how amazing an impact a teacher could have on their student’s lives .Mr. White played by Kevin Costner did a great job as the lead in this film. He was funny and serious all at the same time. The whole cast was great, including all his cross country team. When Costner’s character first went into the job as a football coach and ended up getting fired and is forced to move when the movie begins. When we see Mr. White move his wife, two kids, and himself to Corona California .I thought wow, this is going to be a culture shock to him and his family. It was for them, as we see a lot of Hispanic people and since the family is Anglo they all look shocked that this is where they are moving too. At first they are really scared to live there. They discuss moving again. We see them eat at a restaurant and when they leave they notice, what they think is bad people .In the middle of the film we come to know these people were just a car club and are really nice.  Later in the film while driving through town, Mr. White’s wife car breaks down .Luckily a nail manicurist has a boyfriend who is a repair guy. She in turn becomes friends with her.

When Costner’s character begins his job as a football coach, P.E .teacher, and a regular teacher he discovers that they have a certain way of doing things, especially for the other football coach who he doesn’t quite get along with. After Costner’s character gets fired because of a disagreement with the other football coach .We see Mr. White teaching his P.E. classes ,and during that time he notices that a few of the students run really fast. He talks with the principle to start a cross country team, and it’s gets approved .He gets one of the students to try and get 7 people in total to be on the team .After they get a team set, the hard work begins for Mr. White. He starts training them slowly. We see them start off by losing their first run and get made fun of by the other elite schools who were all primarily Anglos on the teams.

Costner’s see this and uses it to teach the boys that even thought they work in the fields, go to school, and then go back to work; it makes them stronger than any of those teams any day. He makes them train really hard to succeed in cross country. Even though it takes a while for the boys to get a good stable running team .He eventually gets them to the state finals and they end up winning it. Throughout the film we see the family slowly progressing to like the town .They learn to get to know everyone and in turn the town come to like Mr. White and his family. The town comes together to through  Mr. Whites daughter Julie a quincenera .They have a big party and Costner’s character thanks the town for welcoming them, and the team for really coming together and being a great team. After his daughter Julie gets hurt. He kind of blames the town in a way for her getting hurt and goes to Palo Alto high school to do a job interview. They offer him a full time position .Julie is really heartbroken since she really has come to like the town, and of course a boy is involved. One of his runners has a crush on her as well. Mr. White has to make the decision to stay or go .After the team wins the state he decides to stay and that he truly loves living there.

I liked the movie because it was a true heartfelt story. It was very touching at the end when they show the real Mr. White and his team all grown up. I loved how most of them either work at the school still or are still involved with it in some shape or form .It just goes to show that persistence no matter the odds, you can succeed if you give it your absolute best. No matter where you come from .Mr. White came to love these kids like his own. He impacted their lives. I enjoyed hearing that he and the team went on to win lots of meets for many years. I’m Sad that he retired in 2003 ,but I know that he worked hard for many years and undoubtedly impacted more students lives though all those years at the school. The movie was a great film, I want to watch it again and share it with others. It also goes to show you that just because you are not from the same race doesn’t mean you can’t get along .It shows that you may be another race but we are all still humans,we deal with similar problems.Mr.White didn’t treat them any differently because of their race. He and his family came to like the town .I was happy to hear that he still lives there today.

I give it 5 stars 🙂

What were your thoughts on the film? Comment down below .

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