Listen to my Insurgent inspired playlist

In honor of the Insurgent movie coming in out soon,March 20th to be exact!
I can’t wait to watch the movie.It seems just yesterday I was in the theater watching Divergent. By the way, the Fight Back trailer that came out a couple of days ago was the best one so far in my opinion. šŸ™‚ You can find that trailer in one of my previous posts.

On to my playlist ….

I put these songs together that remind me of the feeling while reading Insurgent.Some feels songs,some intense battle songs,and some in between songs that I feel encompass what happens in the story.

I hope you enjoy my playlist. Also please share it if you like it .Also be sure and subscribe to my Spotify account at the link below to always get updated if I add more songs to this playlist.By the way I was happy to see that I got a couple more followers on my Mockingjay inspired playlist ,you should check that one out as well.

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The playlist:Ā 


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