Join National Twilight Night’s Loft group on Facebook

 If you read my last post about the National Twilight Night sisterhood (NTN) then you know about the group but for those that didn’t, don’t worry I shall explain.NTN keeps the love for The Twilight Saga going by posting stuff that is Twilight related.

They have some awesome news to announce –
The National Twilight Night sisterhood is launching a new page on Facebook where the group can offer ongoing merchandise, Twilight or other, for sale! This page will be available for all Twilighters!! That’s right! You do not have to be a NTN member to engage in selling of awesome Twilight or inspired merchandise!

For our grand launching event, NTN is having a Valentine’s Day Extravaganza Sale!!! NTN is selling 25 Valentine themed jewelry pieces to include bracelets, rings, necklaces as well as earrings. Although these items aren’t Twilight items, these pieces are unique and will still fit anyone’s style.

Stop by the National Twilight Night Loft (page) and check out the details for these amazing items! You’ll love what NTN selected for their fellow Twilighters!!
Please join the NTN Loft at :

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