My review of the Into The Woods movie.

Spoilers ! Do not read on if you have not seen this movie.




I absolutely loved this movie.The music was so good ,so much so that I am going to buy the soundtrack for sure.I loved the songs. The actors were so great in this film.First let’s talk about Meryl Streep ,I mean come on she was purely perfection in this.I liked her character of the witch.Who although was supposed to be bad wasn’t really when you think about .I was kind of sad to see her go in the movie.On to the rest of the amazing cast members like Anna Kendrick ,who was so charming and funny.Emily Blunt’s character,let’s just say I didn’t expect her to die that easily or at all.Chris Pine who  is easy on the eyes ,and  played the charming prince just fine.James Corden was fantastic as the baker .I liked his character alot he was funny ,and goofy in a good way.I  Billy Magnussen and Mackenzie Mauzy were awesome too. The younger actors Lila Crawford and Daniel Huttle were just as amazing as the older cast members .Even if we just saw  a little bit of screen time for Johnny Depp .It was cool to see him as the wolf.

I was kind of shocked when Jack’s mom died,then the baker’s wife died.I also did not expect them to confront the giant and end up killing it as well,but I mean they had to save the town.I also did not expect that kiss from Chris Pine and Emily blunt’s characters like at all,but it was interesting none the less.I was happy that Rapunzel and her prince ended up together ,and that Cinderella didn’t stay with her prince who happened to kiss another women after just marrying Cinderella. I am glad that Cinderella ended up staying with the baker ,Jack and Little Red.

My favorite songs would have to be Agony, sung by Chris Pine and Billy Magnussen.It was just funny, witty,and I loved it! I also enjoyed the prologue : Into The Woods which makes sense since it’s the beginning song and it’s happens to be amazing.

I did come in expecting this film to be like all the other princess films.I knew they were going to be changed ,but I never expected them to be this different.However I really liked how it was not typical at all.I enjoyed this aspect alot.

The music ,the actors,the sets,and the costumes were all fantastic ! all in all a great film 🙂

I give it 5 stars out of 5

What were your thoughts about the movie ? comment down below.


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2 thoughts on “My review of the Into The Woods movie.

  1. vampyandracey says:

    I went to see it with my daughter and hubby. Daughter loved it, me and hubby didn’t like it, wanted to leave after 15 minutes but couldn’t :/


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