Sneak Peek into the Insurgent movie !

Yesterday Yahoo released a sneak peek into the Insurgent movie . Today it was released on the official Divergent series Facebook page.It is 2 minute and 43 second long video.It shows some behind the scenes action as well as show some of the cast members, and the author of the series Veronica Roth talking about the film.

Personally I cannot wait for the movie to come out! Soon I will start re-reading Insurgent again.You can watch the movie when it hits theaters on March 20th of this year,so it’s almost upon us.

You can find the sneak peek on their Facebook page :

For some reason it wants to cut off some of the screen where I put the link for the video.If you click the blue word that says The Divergent series ,it will take you to their page and it is posted there.Sorry about that.

Here is another link that will take you to all of the videos posted on the page, you can also find it there.




*Photo does not belong to me*

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