My review of The Whispers of The Fallen by J.D. Netto

Caution some spoilers ahead !!





This is the first book of The Whispers of The Fallen series.

The book reminded me of Lord of The Rings and a mix of  Chronicles of Narnia.It had loads of action,creepy creatures ,and is very dark.The reason it reminded me of The Lord of The Rings is because it had cool sounding town names ,as well as creepy creatures that they needed to kill in order to get to what they were going .It reminded me of Chronicles of Narnia for the undertone of good and bad ,and in the religious sense it reminded me of Aslan who in that book had an undertone of being God.This book had the same sense in that there is a creator who also happens to take form of a lion but in The Whispers of The Fallen he is a lion with wings.

The story is gripping and emerges  you into this world named Elysium, where 6 people need to protect the books(Diary) of Lucifer so that he does not get his hands on it and turn the world into a dark and dreadful place.They story follows Issac and Demetre as they journey to find more about the diary. I thought it was a great book .I found myself imagining these awful creatures that they were fighting ,because J.D. Netto described every so well ;that I could imagine myself as if I was along side Issac while fighting Shadows and other creatures.I liked this book because it had non stop action all the way to the end of the book.I felt bad for Issac who finally saw his parents ,but they were not them anymore .They were just shells of their former self. Issac having  to kill them was truly sad. Demetre who struggled with trying to be good .He was always thinking about his true nature, and the fact that he could turn to the other side in an instant.I think that he will stay on the good side, and not turn bad,but I will just have to wait and see.The other book holders were pretty awesome too. I liked Xylia alot ,she was super tough and brave ,someone who won’t back down for anything.

I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for Issac and Demetre and the other book holders the next book in the series. Book two is called: The Whispers of The Fallen – Rebellion and on January 12th the title reveal for book 3 will be announced !

What were your thoughts on this book ?? comment down below ?

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