My review for the Night at the Museum : Secret of the Tomb {Spoilers!!}

Spoilers ahead so don’t read on if you have not seen this movie..




This is the third movie ,in the Night of the Museum movie series.The film was really funny.I was kind of shocked because usually by the third movie of a series they tend to not be as good as the others. I’m not talking about book to movie adaptations.That is a whole other story, but what I’m talking about is movie series franchises.I thought that this film was great ! It was fun for the whole family ,young and old and in between .You are bound to laugh while watching this movie.I loved that they explained  more about the tablet’s history .Like how it came to have the power to make the figures alive, and how it was brought to the museum.The whole cast was hilarious including the new edition of Rebel Wilson.Who brought something great to the film.The other cast members who have been there since the first movie were on their game. They made me laugh and I was glad .This,the third movie in the series was equally good to the first and second movies.They kept all the laughter of the first two movies ,but this one was filled with heart more than ever.

I was sad however knowing this was Robin Williams final movie.I cried for the scene where the figures at the museum were never going to come back to life again.He said something funny and then turned to wax again.. They gave the tablet back to where it belong ,thus they would never be alive again.I cried alot ,because I just felt like we were losing Robin all over again.

However I was happy at the end of the movie when they brought the tablet back for a while to party, and let the figures come back to life again.Including Robin.I loved the ending tribute to Robin with the words “Magic Never Ends” They were the very same words he speaks in the film before turning into a lifeless wax figure,so it was very fitting.

We shall continue to watch his work because he was a legend ,and there will never be another person like him. .He is missed greatly, We love and miss you .

.R.I.P. Robin

*Picture above does not belong to me*

What were your thoughts about the movie ? comment down below .


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