My spoiler free review of Onyx by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Onyx is the second book in the Lux Series. Please go read the first book Obsidian if you have not already ,because it is one the best books ever. I loved the story-line and the characters.

On to the Oynx review : 

If you love Sci-Fi and aliens then just go and read this book right now,you won’t regret it.It has romance,action,and ALIENS !! .

Daemon Black is one of the best looking fictional characters ,and that my friends is a compliment to Jennifer’s writing .The book is well written, and action packed .It has twists and turns in it that leave you wanting more. The characters are awesome .I love that Katy and Daemon are witty, and have a sense of humor that is super funny.I can relate to Katy because she also has a book blog.

I think that Onyx takes up this series up 3 notches from when you finish Obsidian. I thought that Onyx was a fantastic read !!

I  just ordered Lux :Consequences,which has books 3 and 4 in it .I can’t wait to read them 🙂

If your looking for books one and two ,you can find  both of them in  Lux : Beginnings .

*Note: I believe that they do not sell any of these books separate anymore. I think you can only get them in the double book versions .(Lux : Beginnings and Lux :Consequences)

*Picture above does not belong to me*


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