My review of Taylor Swift’s 1989 album

I am a huge Swiftie ! so anything Taylor puts out I’m going to buy it.I have all of her Cd’s. I have not gotten to see her live yet,but I’m hoping to see her in concert next October.

On to the review.I love this CD it is still on repeat since it has been out. My favorite’s off this album are I know Places,Wildest Dream,How You Get The Girl ,Out Of The Woods, and Style.

Taylor did a great job of reinventing her sound with this CD .It’s a new kind of pop ,and it is unique in that it doesn’t sound like anything anyone has done yet.I can say I do miss a bit of the old country ballad singing Taylor,but she came out with this album and I was hooked .I like the music and the lyrics just like the old country songs she wrote before. It’s different ,but it still has catchy tunes none the less.

I like this new Taylor Swift she has  grown up musically.  I think with each album she continues to grow and expand her style of music which is super refreshing.

**Picture does not belong to me**


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