My review of the The Penguins of Madagascar movie

Mild spoilers ahead !




I didn’t know if this film would be as funny as the Madagascar movies .Well sort of all of them, except the 3rd one which was not as good as the first and second.However I thought that this movie was super funny not only for the kids but for the adults as well. I laughed alot while watching this movie.I thought that the story line was cute, and it explained how the penguins came to be a family and how they got to the New York Zoo.I liked all the new characters like Classified played by Benedict Cumberbatch ,I mean come who doesn’t love him?? The little seal ,owl,and polar bear were all great additions to this movie.It is great to watch with the whole family.I watched the film on Thanksgiving day with my family.I thought the jokes were really well written .It was non stop action.I was never bored at anytime.It kept me engaged.Go out and see it today !

I give this movie 5 stars 🙂

Comment down below if you have seen the movie ,what were your thoughts about it ?

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