My review of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 movie

**** If you have not read the book or not seen the movie do not read on. Major spoilers ahead !!!!








I will begin by saying that this movie was truly raw and highly emotional .The start of the film we see Katniss as a broken girl reminding her self all that has happened and then have to be drugged to be subdued to calm down. I liked how she gets up and sees Finnick, looking ever so sad and broken .Katniss and Finnick have a connection in having someone they love taken and held prisoner in the Capitol . In this film there is not a game ,so to speak however they are still in one sort of because there are in the words of President Snow “Moves and counter moves” at play similar to the way you need to win the  Games. Katniss has to become the face of the rebellion as the Mockingjay.

In the movie we see her struggling to be what they want her to be at first. It isn’t until she goes and visits district 12 her former home and visits the hospital in District 8 that we see her true self come back a bit .She realizes just what new horrors Snow is capable of. Effie trinkets presence although a major change from the book to movie ,was really needed and made for some pretty funny scene. One memorable one is when Effie looks at President Coin’s clothes and gives her a look .Yes, the famous Finnick in his underwear scene although it was missing in the film. My thoughts are it would have ruined the whole Finnick being lonely,sad ,and broken man .It would have reminded you of the old Finnick who was the charming and perfect victor. I think it was a good decision because he is not the same person you saw in Catching Fire ,that was just a ruse and not the truth.Speaking of Finnick one of scenes that had me in tears was the Odesta ship reunion.I love Finnick and Annie together ,who doesn’t ? It was one of the best scenes.As for Gale, he has gives Katniss a sense of being at home again.In this movie he has more screen time because he becomes one of the head people to lead the fight. I do like him as a character .I am a Peeta girl ,but he does have good qualities to him. I think he shined well as one of the soldiers it’s where he belongs for this war .

Some of the others best scenes were had by Katniss ;when she  witnessed the hospital burning down with people inside.We got to see the spark put back in her ,and the line “Fire is catching and if If we burn then you burn with us ” was such a powerful scene .Some of my other favorites scenes were the one where in District 7 you see as the lumberjacks climb the trees and then yell “If we burn ,you burn with us” .The peacekeepers who were there firing shots at them ended up  being blown up and killed ;It was a really great scene. Another one was when we see Katniss singing The Hanging Tree which I have to say was so beautifully sung by Jennifer Lawrence .I really liked how they continued her singing  right into the next scene with seeing people carrying explosives and end up blowing up a dam. It was a truly  moving sequence.

On to Peeta ,boy was my heart being torn into shreds Each time I saw Peeta in one of the captiol updates. I practically cried seeing him deteriorating in front of us. The one that got me the most was when he sees Katniss on the screen and he tells her to stop and think about what she is doing and that no one can survive this . It made me miss him just as much as Katniss was. Another intense  moment was when Katniss sees Peeta for the first time since he was rescued ,and he looks raged, skinnier, and completely broken .She goes to hug him and he attacks and chokes her ;which for me was so sad knowing the captiol hijacked him into thinking she was a mutt.The most heart wrenching scene was the last one where we see a thrashing Peeta in his bed in the mental ward.

Right then I wanted to see part 2 just to see Peeta being normal again. Sadly we must wait a whole other year before the last installment comes to theaters ,but until then the wait is semi sweet because I want to see Peeta okay but as those who read the books know many deaths are going to be in part 2 that will leave us heartbroken .It will be really sad because this is the final movie to come out for this franchise and part 2 will no doubt be the best one of all.

I rate this movie 5 out of 5 stars 🙂

Comment down below :what where your thoughts on the movie ?












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