My favorite songs off The Hunger Games : Mockingjay Part 1 official soundtrack

I love this soundtrack !! it has great songs on it that are unique and you can thank Lorde for putting together such an amazing soundtrack.

The track list is as follows:

* 1. Meltdown – Stromae feat Lorde,Pusha T,Q tip, and Haim

* 2. Dead Air – Chvrches

* 3.  Scream My Name – Tove Lo

* 4. Kingdom – Charli XCX feat Simon Le Bon

* 5. All My Love – Major Lazer feat Ariana Grande

*6. Lost Souls- Raury

*7 .Yellow Flicker Beat – Lorde

*8 .The Leap – Tinashe

* 9. Plan The Escape – Bat For Lashes (Son Lux Cover)

*10. Original Beast – Grace Jones

* 11. Flicker – Lorde ( Kanye West rework )

* 12. Animal – XOV

*13. This is Not a Game – Chemical Brothers feat Miguel

* 14.Ladder Song – Lorde

 Some of my favorites off the soundrack : 

First up is  Yellow Flicker Beat by Lorde. It fits the story well because it describes how Katniss is feeling in the book. Next  is Dead Air by Chvrches which is a really cool song .It describes what it is like for the districts because for so long the people are not able to do  anything against the Capitol .It’s after the this book that we see people rising to doing something about it. They are so to speak  are no longer dead air to the Capitol by doing something about the war. Next is Kingdom by Charli XCX  feat. Simon Le Bon. I like the song alot because it shows another side of Charli XCX ‘s voice,I love the way she sounds. I think it fits in well because it kind of describes the way Katniss feels as  well as the way Peeta feels. Next  song is Scream My Name by Tove Lo ,I like the sound of the song . I think it goes with the thought that Katniss is the head figure of the rebellion and they in fact will scream her name. Lastly  is All My Love by Major Lazer feat Ariana Grande .Yes I know  it’s a dance tune, which I’m puzzled as too why it’s on the soundtrack  but I like Ariana Grande and I like the song .The rest of the songs are really great  tunes , that fit well with the book.

Comment below : What are your favorites off the soundtrack?

***Picture does not belong to me ,it belongs to Lionsgate Entertainment**

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