My spoiler free review of Big Hero 6

I really liked this movie. It was a deep story, for being about a 14-year-old boy. It went beyond my expectations of being a typical superhero centric film. I thought it would be cute and it was, but this movie had heart . I won’t go into specifics but something at the beginning happens and it  changes Hiro’s(main character) life forever.I think that the story line was well written. I loved the town Sanfransokyo .Also I really want a  Baymax now , who wouldn’t  when he is such a  cute robot. He was an intregal character in this story and I found myself laughing at him the most. Hiro’s friends who join him in finding the villain in the film are really great as well, they also kept the laughs going.

This film was funny,charming, and action packed. The fact that it was a Disney animated film helped me fall in love with the story and characters easily.Once again they have a hit on their hands.

I give this film 5 stars 🙂

* Picture above does not belong to me ,it belongs to Disney.

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